Hybrid Soft Palate/Nasal Stent

Hybrid Soft Palate/Nasal Stent

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The Hybrid Stent is for treatment of patients with obstructive sleep apnea or snoring. It provides numerous advantages in handling and convenience over a CPAP machine.

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The Hybrid Soft Palate/Nasal Stent creates a continuous air passage which enables unobstructed breathing and thereby eliminates the sleep apnea. The stent is installed by the patient and can be used 18 hours a day. The stent is a smooth tubular braid made from a memory shaped nitinol metal. The braid is compressed with a thin application tube before installation. The tube is slowly introduced through one nasal passage into the throat. When released from the tube, the nitinol braid self expands and splints open the soft palate. Thereby, the stent prevents the collapse of the airway.

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6 inches

5 reviews for Hybrid Soft Palate/Nasal Stent

  1. Bob R – North Carolina

    Fantastic results! I’ve been using the 6″ AlaxoStent for two months now, combined with my BPAP machine. I’ve gone from pressures at 14cm (before stent), to the lowest 4cm setting the machine has available (with stent), and now always under 1 AHI due to a stray Hypopnea or two (nearly always zero AHI when set slightly higher). I’m a long-time CPAP user, but needed this extra help from the AlaxoStent. My AHI was climbing lately on CPAP alone, as I was getting expiratory Palatal Prolapse (soft palate collapsing when exhaling). My doctor and I found that CPAP pressures could not solve it, nor a switch to BiLevel. The AlaxoStent is perfect in stopping the soft palate collapse. It was an easy adjustment for me, it took me one day of practice putting the AlaxoStent in and out several times without sleeping with it, and leaving it in for a bit when I was awake just to get used to it – my nose was a little runny for a bit after insertion and I could feel slight scratchiness in my throat at first but no other issues. The next night I went ahead and slept with it and haven’t stopped since. Now I’m so used to the stent that I don’t have any runny nose after insertion, or any other issues. My sleep doctor had never heard of the AlaxoStent before I read about it on the internet, but now sees I’m getting perfect results. My doctor has ordered a diagnostic sleep study with the stent, to see if I’m able to go through the night without added CPAP (just the stent). I’ve already tried naps with just the AlaxoStent and my SpO2 showed good solid averages (95% or 96%) and no desaturations below 90% (compared to desaturations down to 81% in my sleep study before CPAP). The AlaxoStent is working, and will be easier to carry (than CPAP) when I travel. This was worth every dollar!

  2. Anthony Liberti

    Absolute life-changer/life-saver in my case.

    It did take several days of getting used to and acclimated to the device – gag reflex/swollen nasal passage/mucous production, etc.

    But by ‘sticking with it’ and ‘staying the course’ every night – I quickly became much more comfortable with the device. This is worth noting – because I almost gave up.

    Now – just as advertised – I have little to no episodes of ‘not breathing’ anymore (used to experience several per hour). And I have reduced snoring down to virtually none.

    I am currently also using an oral appliance that forces me to breath nasally – this eliminates dry/sore throat and uvula vibration. Seems to be a great combination of tools for me.

    I use the SnoreLab app to record my sleep. The results and change in quality sleep and elimination of OSA has been INCREDIBLE.

  3. John Davis

    Life changing. That being said, it took me a few weeks to adjust to the stent, my gag reflex was really strong and took a while to overcome. Glad I put in the effort, reaping the rewards now.

  4. Mr. K

    I want to express my satisfaction with your product [AlaxoStent]. It saves me use of a CPAP mask and of an oral appliance, whereas the latter has become ineffective. According to the testing performed by Dr. R. (Cologne) my nightly breathing stops are in an acceptable range which leads to a significant increase to my quality of life.

    What I do not understand, though, is that there may arise problems during application. Use is comparable, after some period of adaptation, to the insertion of contact lenses. It is clear that no case is like another, but it is not intelligible for me that users of CPAP masks do not massively switch to your product.

  5. Soft Palate stent user

    Today I have bought my third AlaxoStent because the 18 months have expired again. I am using the product sind mid 2016 and I am very happy. Snoring is complety abolished by the stent. Breathing stops are reduced so far that I don´t need the CPAP mask which was my goal. I had to train the use for about two weeks. Once doing this seriously in a disciplined way, then thereafter it is no problem at all anymore. Due to my anatomy I pass the stent always along the left side and get enough air through the right side with my mouth closed.
    Prior to application of the AlaxoStent I have used a mandibular advancement device for 10 years, provided by my dentist, but therapy efficacy had dropped significantly since then.
    I am very satisfied now that with the AlaxoStent there is a true alternative to the mask. I recommend to everybody who gets prescribed the mask to first test the AlaxoStent.
    In my view quality of life is much higher with the stent.

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