Alaxo Airway stents are drug-free and clinically proven to improve breathing.

Alaxo provides innovative stent-based therapies to support healthy, natural, nasal-breathing solutions for snoring, sleep apnea, enhanced sports performance and in the support of quality of life issues.


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Nasal breathing is one of the key factors relevant for optimal health.  Nitric Oxide is produced in the Nasal Passage (NO). NO is extremely important in the support of good health.  Insufficient active mitochondria are a significant cause for many chronic diseases. Good NO supply helps maintain mitochondria, which can lead to improved health.  Alaxo nasal stents can increase nasal breathing. 

Why Sleep Matters?

The most obvious benefit of sleep is in your energy levels. When you get adequate rest, you’re more likely to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. However, improved energy isn’t the only reason to lie down for seven to nine hours each night.

Sleep helps you function at your best levels throughout the day. With insufficient sleep, you may struggle to focus or remember important information. Over time, poor sleep contributes to serious health consequences, including physical diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, as well as mental health disorders including depression & anxiety.

Alaxo Nasal Stents

The Alaxo Stents are fully reusable and can be worn for up to 18 hours a day. They must be replaced every 18 months.

AlaxoStent and AlaxoLito Nasal Stents are the two main forms currently offered. The full nasal passage is covered by the AlaxoLito Plus & AlaxoLito Sport. The sport version is ideal for those who need to improve sport performance, whether in a professional or recreational setting.

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