Nasal Airway Stents

Nasal Airway Stents

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The Nasal Airway Stents can be used to mechanically splint open the nasal airway, alleviating snoring and improving athletic performance. The stents are self inserted by the user and can be worn up to 18 hours at a time, day or night.


The smooth stent braid is made from memory metal nitinol. It has a ball shaped widening which is positioned at the nasal valve and a cylindrical longer section which splints the turbinates.  Causes of snoring can be nasal alar collapse, nasal valve collapse or turbinate hyperplasia.

5 reviews for Nasal Airway Stents

  1. Hans Stromar

    My snoring is almost completely eliminated

  2. Don Elliott

    It took me a few weeks of using the stents during the day to get used to them, I sneezed when putting them in & had a fair amount of nasal drip but this subsided bit by bit .
    I’ve been using them for a week now at night & my snoring is almost completely gone .
    I have no trouble putting them in or taking them out . Clean up is quick and easy.
    No more changing rooms or grumpiness for myself or my wife .
    Simply couldn’t be happier.

  3. Devin Hamden

    Alaxo stents are everything they advertise them to be.
    I suffered for so very long with my nasal passages swelling even after having allergy symptoms under control. Still, after a couple of hours a night, my passages would swell making it impossible to breathe.
    Ended up Google searching for surgical tubing to fashion a way to insert them in my nasal passages in an attempt to alleviate my issues.
    I think I used the word “stent” and Alaxo popped up.
    After consultation with Dawn Evans, I was confident that I had found a viable alternative. (Safer? Less mad scientific way? lol)
    I wasn’t disappointed.
    You DO have a period your body needs to get used to them in your nasal passages.
    After 2 weeks, I cant tell I have them in.
    My nasal cavity produced extra mucus in reaction to them being there, this is expected.
    I would recommend, in addition to their own recommendations, wearing them through the day until your symptoms alleviate, and THEN use them at night.
    Life changer for me, to be sure.
    I’m so grateful.

  4. Linda Ha

    Got the stents to help with my snoring. The reps were so helpful in helping me figure out the right size and answered all my questions. I was a bit skeptical because I was worried they would be hard to put in etc. After a few tries and some coaching from the rep and watching videos I found that they were actually really easy to take in and out. I actually didn’t realize how small the opening to one of my nostrils were, so the stents have helped open up my airways. I now use them for running and working out and when I’m camping because I can’t use my cpap machine. Very convenient and small enough to take anywhere. I would recommend to try them if you’re also having breathing problems.

  5. John Davis

    Life changing. As someone who has experienced the disappointment of sinus surgery costing tens of thousands of dollars, alaxo stents are amazing.

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