Do you snore? 

Do you wake up with a dry mouth?

 Do you struggle using your CPAP machine

Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea?

Do you have a hard time staying asleep?


Who We Are

We are Alaxo USA Inc., and we’re proud to represent the innovators of high standard, cutting-edge technologies to lead the industry forward.

The product portfolio is currently comprised of two product families: the AlaxoStent and AlaxoLito Nasal Stent.

The AlaxoLito is an FDA registered medical device. It treats decreased nasal breathing and resulting snoring. Causes may include nasal alar collapse, nasal valve collapse or turbinate hyperplasia.

The AlaxoStent is an FDA registered medical device. It mainly treats sleep apnea and snoring. The AlaxoStent is clinically tested for treatment of patients with OSA or snoring. It provides numerous advantages over a CPAP machine, most notably in comfort, handling and convenience.

Alaxo Stents are reusable and can be worn for up to 18 hours a day. They need to be replaced every 18 months.

Alaxo is as simple as wearing contacts and can cost less than $1 per day.

Sports Enhancement and Day-to-Day Use

Alaxo can be an ideal solution for athletes and active individuals. It has been studied that nasal breathing compared to mouth breathing increases the blood oxygen content by 10-15% and that it stimulates the parasympathetic nerve system.

Importance and Advantages of Nasal Breathing

  • It’s a natural, healthy form of breathing.
  • It stimulates the wellness nerve (parasympathetic nerve). Mouth breathing stimulates the stress nerve (sympathetic nerve).
  • Leads to better oxygen supply to the body than mouth breathing.
  • Reduces oxidative stress during sleep as well as throughout the day.
  • Maintains the body performance capacity at a high level.
  • Important for muscle fitness.
  • Reduces the risk for dangerous diseases, e.g. lung, circulation, and skin diseases or dementia/Alzheimer, circulatory disorders.

Advantages of Mechanically Splinting the Nose

  • Secures and improves natural breathing through the nose.
  • Support for the body for optimal functioning.
  • Prevention of stenoses and obstructions in the nose and throat (nasal alar collapse, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea). Also effective against snoring (no more flutter of the soft palate).
  • Well-being and health are strongly improved

Advantages of The AlaxoLito (Plus) Nasal Stents


  • AlaxoLito (Plus) Nasal Stents keep the airway open during allergic or chronic turbinate swelling (or an infection), and they enable positive nasal breathing.

AlaxoStent Advantages for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  • Avoidance of surgical procedures and artificial ventilation by CPAP therapy in case of obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Stents act at the sites where sleep apnea patients have airway obstructions.
  • No dehydration of mucosa as natural breathing is maintained.
  • Simple handling.
  • Full flexibility and no restrictions during sleep.
  • No power/electrical connection required as it is solely mechanical therapy.
  • Simple, small, & easily portable.
  • Advantageous during travel.
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