“The Alaxo Stent has literally changed my life for the better. I was fatigued nearly every day and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. However the CPAP machine is not something I could tolerate. I researched for months to find an alternative, trying several unsuccessful products.
Then I came across the Alaxo Stent; it made sense to me that if a stent can be put in heart valves to keep them open, why not the nasal passages? I had actually used the search term ‘stent’ to find something like this. And Alaxo was exactly what I had been looking for.
I had a short learning curve on inserting it properly but once past that it was easy. I insert it every night before bed; no more collapsing airway and much less snoring! But the most important result is that I feel better, I sleep better and I have more energy during the day. The Alaxo stent is a gift to my life.”

Cindy L.



“After decades of suffering with sleep apnea and breathing through my mouth I had figured it was just my reality. Then I tried the Alaxo Stent. What a difference, I can now breathe through my nose! I feel more energetic, I get a better night’s sleep and I don’t sound like a chain saw when I am sleeping. I like the results so much that I will often wear the stents throughout the day.
I have tried many other products available and nothing works for me like the Alaxo Stent. If you struggle like I did with sleep apnea and/or breathing through your nose, get yourself the Alaxo Stents and start living your new reality today.”

Ryan E.



“For years I suffered from chronic sinus issues of draining, infections, and congestion. A local ENT specialist performed a CT scan of my sinuses, proving that I was suffering from chronic inflammation without structural sinus interference. As a result, I was prescribed a regimen that consisted of daily antihistamines and intranasal corticosteroids. For me, taking these types of medications on a daily basis was not an option because it did not provide a solid solution.
After months of researching online through various studies, forums, and videos, one forum mentioned a device called AlaxoLito Nasal Stent. After a quick engine search, I found the device on a German website, and my quality of life has significantly changed since then. The AlaxoLito Nasal Stent provided a physical barrier within my nasal passages that has allowed me to sleep throughout the night free of congestion, regardless of the amount of inflammation I had going on. It’s exceptionally user friendly; made up of good quality surgical mesh; and easy to clean. I back this product because it has changed my quality of life, it is at a fair price point, and it provides a solid, nonpharmacological solution to my chronic problem.”

Chris T.


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