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The Airway Stent is unlike anything on the market today. Many, like myself, don’t want to have turbinate reduction surgery. But we also realize the nasal strips and sprays don’t address the main cause of constricted nasal breathing, which is swollen turbinates. The Airway Stent is the only product that helps to fix that problem. I plan on using the Airway stents for many more years to come.

— Chris, M.

After years of suffering with Sleep Apnea and Snoring and spending thousands of dollars on various devices, CPAP Machine $2500, Mandibular Positioner Dental Device $2250, I have finally found something that works. The Airway Stent has been a total game changer.

— Wes

In addition to my nasal breathing problem I suffer from a lung one as well. This is all highly improved with the Airway Nasal stents. Without the stents I cannot sleep. I am dependent on them.

— John, H.

Dave Asprey is the founder of Upgrade Labs and known as the “Father of Biohacking”. He Is a four-time New York Times bestselling science author, host of the Webby award-winning podcast The Human Upgrade, and has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, The New York Times, Dr. Oz, and more. Dave’s mission is to empower the entire globe with information and knowledge that unlocks the super-human in everyone at any age. The proof of these advancements is better sleep, energy, and expanded capacity for all. Be a better partner, parent, provider, and overall human being in every aspect of life.


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Treat snoring and sleep disordered breathing with easy-to-use, reusable nasal stents that last for 18 months. Enhance the quality of your life, wake up rested, energized and feeling better than ever.

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